"Great thoughts reduced to practice become great acts."
- William Hazlitt, Essayist (1778-1838)


    About the Camp

Camp Location

Ramgarh Nature Camp spread in an area of over 10 bighas has a picture postcard setting of amongst the Sal forests near the Suswa – the only perennial river in the Doon Valley – has a unique location along the boundaries of the Rajaji National Park and offers unlimited access to the flora and fauna of the famed Shivalik Eco-System in the Rajaji National Park.

This Park was created in 1983 by amalgamation of three sanctuaries - Rajaji Sanctuary (estd 1948), Motichur Sanctuary (estd 1964) and Chilla Sanctuary (estd 1977) and named after the renowned statesman and freedom fighter Sri C Rajgopalachariya - the first and last Governor General of independent India popularly known as "Rajaji" – and spread over an area of 820.42 sq km in the three Districts of Dehra Dun, Haridwar & Pauri Garhwal of Uttarakhand.

Rajaji is thickly foliated predominantly by the Sal Forest and a number of other forest types which include the Western Gangetic Moist and Northern Dry Deciduous and Khair-Sissoo Forests. Low Alluvial Savannah Woodlands cover the drier southern margins of the Park, in contrast to the Shivalik Chir-Pine on the high reaches of the hills.

There are innumerable streams and brooks making it rich and diverse; offering ample opportunities to nature lovers to enjoy the captivating landscape and wildlife – “The nature looks better from proximity than the faraway”.

The Camp and its Programs are designed with great insights to bring us close to nature; appreciate its glorious splendor in close proximity; understand with ease the seemingly complex ways of survival of birds, plants and animals.

Idea behind the Camp

At Ramgarh Jungle Camp, we try to instill a love and respect for Nature. We develop special program for children bringing them close to Nature which enhances their personal growth and helps in honing their skills of observation and retention.

Studies have provided convincing evidence of how people feel in natural environment. It improves recall of the information, creative problem solving and creativity, experiences with Nature develops imagination and sense of wonder.

• Studies show that schools that use outdoor classrooms and other forms of experiential education produce significant student gains in subjects.

• One 2005 study by the California Department of Education found that students in outdoor science programs improved their science testing scores by 27 percent.

• Children in outdoor education settings show improvement in self-esteem, problem solving and motivation to learn.

• Children in natural green environment engage in more creative forms of play and play in groups more cooperatively.

• Studies at the University of Illinois show that time in natural settings significantly reduce symptoms of hyperactivity disorder in children.

• Research also shows that outdoor experience help reduce negative stress and protect psychological well being, especially in children undergoing stressful life events.

At Ramgarh Jungle Camp Outdoor learning becomes fun.

Our Goals and Objectives

1 To instill love and respect for Nature.
2 Helping children to feel comfortable in and understand their environment.
3 To understand Jungle ethics.
4 Heightening children’s sensory of awareness, using all their senses.
5 Expanding their questioning attitude.
6 Having children experience certain ecological concepts, thus motivate them to further respect their surroundings.
7 Joy on seeing Nature.
8 Enjoy sharing and learning from each other.
9 Finally impact others in some way or the other.

Activities at Ramgarh Jungle Camp

1 Make your own Home – Tent Pitching
2 Meditation
3 Nature walks
4 Hike – with a purpose
5 Study of the Leaf
6 Bird watching
7 Investigation of a Forest Quadrant
8 Be a Natural Detective
9 Visit to / and interaction at a Gujjar ‘Dera’
10 Social Mapping
11 General Field Work
12 Project Report
13 Compost pit making
14 Flower bed making
15 Star gazing
16 Rope Drills and Soft Adventure
17 Educational and Interactive Films
18 Presentations

Who benefit from Ramgarh Jungle Camp ?

We believe in the holistic development of a child therefore we design extra-curricular activities, physical training, adventure and many more things for the overall development of a child. We work on the idea that there is a life beyond classroom and work. Apart from the academic excellence, a child needs to shape up other facets of their life too.

During Nature Learning Retreat of 2, 3 or 5 days at Ramgarh Jungle Camp…

Children develop knowledge and skills as they undertake exciting, real-life projects. By learning different subjects and task of real life, students can connect to their local environment and become stewards of their community's natural resources.

Teacher can use the broad context of the natural world to enliven teaching and learning that can weave through the curriculum from Class 3 to 12.

Schools can join us, create opportunities for meaningful community involvement and diversify and beautify their educational mission.

How does learning in Ramgarh Jungle Camp fits into your School curriculum?

An ideal array of teaching materials are available that meet specific learning objectives. Many are correlated with education standards.

Students improve their skills in writing, art, computer technology and science as they participate in interdisciplinary learning in a broad context.

Scientific, inquiry based research in a meaningful; real-life context creates hands-on learning with practical application and skill building.

Students can work with peers, other classes across grades and schools. They can build character traits of responsibility and team work, and make important decisions that build confidence and residency.

Many effective nature education activities require few special supplies or extra preparation, just a walk outside into nearby nature.

What you can you do here with our trainers and staff?

Hiking/Learning/Understand Nature/ Educational Activities/Visit to Jungle/Skill improvement/Team building

Does the Camp offer anything for the School Staff?

The Camp location, logistics and facilities make it appropriate destination for hosting of Offsite Learning Workshops for Faculty and/or Staff. A School has the option of using only the Camp facilities and conduct their own Workshop with their own Leaders/Trainers.

What does the Camp offer in terms of logistics and facilities?

Ramgarh Jungle Camp DOES NOT have –

  • Rooms

  • TV

  • Video Games

  • Non-Vegetarian Food

  • Alcohol

  • Tobacco

  • DJ Music

It does have -

Camp Logistics and Facilities

1 Safe and Secure Camp Site
2 All branded equipment/material/resources required for the Program
3 Accommodation on Two/Four/Six share in Camp Tents
4 High altitude alpine Camp Tents
5 Foam pad Mattresses
6 High altitude Sleeping Bags
7 Modern Bath/Shower/Toilets with running hot and cold water
8 Fully equipped Audio Visual room
9 100% 24/7 power backup
10  Modern fully equipped Kitchen
11 Vegetarian/Egg meals in Camp of LEAP quality & quantity
12 Daily meal of Breakfast, Morning Juice, Lunch, Evening Tea & Dinner
13 Appropriate Camp Furniture for sit-down meals in the Outdoors
14 100% Aquaguard safe Drinking Water
15  First-Aid and adequate Medical Kit
16 Suitable provision for Bonfire
17  Library of appropriate Reading, Videos and Films
18 Interesting and Inviting Indoor Games
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