"Great thoughts reduced to practice become great acts."
- William Hazlitt, Essayist (1778-1838)


    Human Resource


Human Resource


In our India, and perhaps is some other countries as well, even though everyone desires quality School education, only a few individuals opt for a life and career in School education by their own volition.


Therefore, it is natural that more than in academic faculty, Schools do no attract talent in the administrative areas of strategy, envisioning, organization, finance, administration, leadership etc.


How many times have we seen that a brilliant Teacher, on becoming senior owing to the length of experience, is promoted in the administrative role of leading the School? The person is not upto it; never having learn the leadership and administrative skills; is not able to replicate this Teaching success in Leadership; outcome = good teacher lost and poor leader gained.


Though of course, there are many exceptions to this hypothesis; only proving the rule by exception!


 LEAP assists in the process of Human Resource planning for the schools, to ensure that this potential is harnessed to the maximum to contribute positively towards the growth of the School.

Recruitment – It’s important that the school has the right teachers according to their set parameters. For this, we help, in screening and selecting a qualified person for a job.
Induction- We help the schools in conducting induction programs for the newly appointed staff, so that they may know each other well. We also carry workshops at the beginning of the academic sessions.
Roles and Responsibilities- drafting the roles and responsibilities to ensure smooth functioning of the schools
Retention-we guide schools to ensure smooth functioning so that the work forces, ie, the teachers are retained for a longer period of time.
Personal development
Professional development


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Human Resource
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