"Great thoughts reduced to practice become great acts."
- William Hazlitt, Essayist (1778-1838)


    In-School Student Development Programs

Programs conducted so far at the given Schools -

Chinmaya International Residential School, Coimbatore

Assam Valley School, Tejpur

Rabindra Vidya Niketan, Keonjhar, Odisha

Him Jyoti School, Dehra Dun

B K Birla Centre for Education, Pune

Kasiga School, Dehra Dun

Orchid International School, Nashik

Disha School, Raipur

St Joseph's Academy, Dehra Dun

......within their School premises have been known to –


address and cater to a large number of students


raise issues and build themes that are outside the routine academic syllabi


issues/themes that directly and indirectly supplement and complement the pursue of academic and non-academic achievement


offer new faces and voices to the students making it somewhat interesting to begin with


limit the experience to themes than can be delivered given the specifications of the campus


have themes that have been successfully delivered in a variety of campus viz.,

i) Enhancement of Study Skills = for all students
ii) Raising Kindness in Education = reduces bullying
iii) Student Leadership = for Students Council to focus on individual skills and attitudes, team building, taking decisions, task accomplishment, time management etc.
Awareness of Careers for Life = for Students of Class IX and above
v) Responsibility in Leadership = for Class Monitors, Prefects etc
vi) Opportunity for All = for everyone

In-School Program Design

The precise In-School Program Design is finalised after a reconnaissance of the School Campus and a discussion with the School Leadership and the salient features common to all Schools are -


The School Campus is converted into an Experiential Learning Camp.


The Program is designed for each class/ group separately.


The Program is structured for full coverage in a progressive manner at our class specific groups and activities.


The Program covers all students from Class I to Class XII.


A School Program Schedule is prepared after receiving the participants’ information viz., class wise/group wise student strength etc.


The Program is conducted on regular working days of the School, where each Class shall be engaged in the Program, in lieu of regular School work per the School Program Schedule.


The Program provides for specific learning outcomes for each class separately and the structure incorporates progressive growth and enhancement from junior to senior classes.

8 The Program includes provision of –

« All equipment required for the Program
« Complimentary participation of Staff Children
« Participation Certificates for all students

9 The LEAP Quality Education Practices Team comprises –
« Directors
« Instructors - both, ladies and gentlemen

where the actual numbers is a function of the precise Program Design for each School.

All Programs are always designed for each School afresh keeping in mind the School Vision and Mission, Aims and Objectives, School Culture and Traditions, Responsibilities of the Students Council etc and input/brief by the School Leadership.

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Student Development Programs
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Ramgarh Jungle Camp, Rajaji National Park, Dehra Dun
In-School Student Development Programs
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