"Great thoughts reduced to practice become great acts."
- William Hazlitt, Essayist (1778-1838)


    Ramgarh Jungle Camp, Rajaji National Park, Dehra Dun

a place where every child can play, learn and grow in nature

..has already hosted student groups from -

The Doon School, Dehra Dun

Unison World School, Dehra Dun

Hopetown Girls' School, Dehra Dun

Orchid International School, Nashik


“School is the best chance society has to show children there is another way, a better path. A love of the outdoors and its accessibility should be part of that.”

Eeleanor Mills, Sunday Times, UK

The location outside and away from the School Campus makes it possible for the experiences to be more vivid than normal classroom lectures; and participants have a higher retention level and find it easier to transfer the lessons learnt to their studying and personal life. This is a key strength of an Off-Campus Program.

The people, especially children, spend less time outdoors than any previous generation. Recent research shows that children now days are suffering from too much time inside. Kids today spend an average of 6.5 hours/ day with television, computers and video games. In fact, a child is six times more likely to play a video game than to ride a bike.

What does this mean?

If children are raised with little or no connection to nature, they may miss out on the many health benefits of playing outdoors. Nature is important to children's development - intellectually, emotionally, socially, spiritually and physically.

“No conservation is possible without a deep love for Nature”.

……..at Ramgarh Jungle Camp, we help children become Natural Conservators!

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Ramgarh Jungle Camp, Rajaji National Park, Dehra Dun
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